Easy splice detection

Easy splice detection

14 nov. 2023

At Haak Machinebouw we are convinced of the clear functionality of our machines. Based on demands by the customer, we are able to propose the appropriate inspection winder from our portfolio. We provide it with the necessary tools to perform the desired functions.

Our last assignment was to build 2 inspection rewinders with really only one function: finding a web splice during rewinding and stopping in front of the operator, so that he/she can remove the splice.

We recommended our basic model, equipped with a pneumatic brake and winding motor, and did tests looking for the appropriate sensor. The result:  a customized, basic yet solid, rewinder that meets customer’s requirements.

Do you also have faulty rolls that have to be wound inside out, repaired, checked for missing labels, inspected or that are simply over-wound? Send us your requests and we will offer you a solution with the right price/quality ratio.