Inspection rewinder "DR1"

Inspection rewinder "DR1"

14 nov. 2023

Haak Machinebouw has good news! We have expanded our range of inspection rewinding tables, based on market demand. After the much appreciated high-end inspection rewinding table, we have extended the range and added a more simplified and therefore better priced DR1 inspection rewinding table.

Starting from today, the new DR1 inspection rewinding table is available for anyone who is searching for an entry level inspection rewinder.

“As a matter of fact, this is a top down development. It is actually the basic version of the high-end rewinder. It comes with a unique low and electronically controlled web tension as a standard, a 100% defect inspection camera and/or missing label detection. The DR1 table has the same look and feel and the same ease of operation as the higher-end tables. Some of the highly appreciated characteristic features from the high-end table, such as the pneumatic expansion shafts have been included in this basic version,” tells Ben Haak – owner of the manufacturing plant."

“This type of rewinder can be found at every label print shop – often placed somewhere in a corner to repair label reels. Some are ‘made at home’ and are over thirty years old. This could be the ideal opportunity to replace your old machine with a new affordable one. The rewinding quality of repaired reels will improve significantly.”

The new rewinder can also be leased for less than €10 per day. Request your personal (lease) offer of the DR1 inspection rewinding table here today!