Together with our partner Supertape, we offer the right solution for your application. Packaging with a resealable tape encourages the consumption of smaller portions, extends the freshness of your product, prevents food waste and reduces the volume of packaging waste. Your customers recognize the value of resealable food packaging because it is easier to use, more environmentally friendly and health-conscious. Resealability makes your packaging more attractive and distinctive.


The prerequisite for resealable packaging is reliable operation. The packaging must be quick and easy to open and firmly reseal. In cooperation with adhesive specialist and tape manufacturer Supetape, we understand the art of resealing like the best. We have developed 2 tape solutions for resealing product packaging with the following 6 advantages:

  1. longer freshness and shelf life of your product

  2. Quick and easy to open product packaging

  3. extra communication power through printed tape

  4. safe in case of direct or indirect contact with food

  5. less packaging material and food-saving

  6. fast, easy and economical inline application

Matching your packaging

After choosing the best tape solution for your product packaging, we select a carrier and adhesive recipe for the perfect tape seal and the best position of the applicator in the packaging line. In single or double versions. Neutral or printed. Resealable tape is available on machine rolls or as die-cut labels in any shape and size. The composition of a tape depends on, among other things:

  • surface tension of packaging material

  • desired degree of ease of opening

  • desired frequency of resealing

  • type of tape processing equipment

  • production and processing conditions